Saleri . SIL : Innovation and Research at the heart of Saleri’s success

Constant innovation and Research and Development are key values for the company. Over 30 engineers and technicians develop water pump that comply with the current car makers ever increasing demand for consumption and polluting emissions control on new vehicles, in view of EURO 6 standard application.
The Saleri variable water pump answers the car makers demand thanks to a very reliable concept,economical to produce and easily applicable to any new generation engine.
The system, patented by Saleri, work with a valve that allows to control the flow in the cooling circuit, according to punctual engine needs. When the latter does not need cooling, in the warm up phase for example, the valve closes and the flow is cut down to zero.
Currently some important European car manufacturers are running homologations tests using a few hundreds Saleri prototypes.
One of them started the validation process last year and foresee to run into pre-series for 2012.
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